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As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital...

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Community programmes of the hospital

[1] Prevention of Blindness in children below five year of age
Under nutrition leads to vit-A deficiency The Vit-A Deficiency leads to Nutritional blindness Nutritional blindness affects over 7 million children with 60,000 children becoming blind every year.

We had adopted 434 Children of 16 Villages of Meghraj Taluka which are of age below five years. We are conducting examination of their Eyes, Height, weight & General body chequeup and We provied Vitamine ‘A’ & Albenbezol (wormicidal Tablets), nutritional food like Sing - Chana, Chiky, Tal ladoo, Biscuites, Chocolates, sukhdi, Ground nut etc..... etc...... once a week. We visit four time in a week and each visit we Cover around about 100 Children.

We are spending 1700 Rs. / Visit for transportation, food material, Diesel, Ophthalmic assistance & man power. We are conducting health chequeups of these children to prevent blindness & malnutrition in these children Totally we spent about Approx Rs. 3,50,000/- Per year. At the same time our Ophthalmic assistance examines aged people at same villages & those children and aged people having some eye related problems are advised to come at Shri Jalaram Hospital.
[2] Growth & Development assessment of under - 5 children
During every visit each child’s height & Weight is measured and compared with standard growth chart. The Malnourished child is Specially taken care and consulted by Hospital’s Paediatrician. The parents are counselled by doctor and given advised for diet.
[3] Eye - Checkup at Community.
During every visit the ophthelamic assistant is examining all aged people of the villages and those requiring cataract operation are requed to come at hospital.
[4] Gynaec - Checkup at Community.
Every pregnant women of the adopted villages are registered by our trained ANC care taker. The pregnant woman is supplied with Iron - Folic acid tablets. They are counseled for diet, Work, Hygiene, Identification of high-risk symptoms and preparation for labor. They all are took and consulted by Gynecologist free of Charge.
[5] Small Camp, Mega camp & School Screening Programme.
We are arranging small camp from April to September. Small camps are arrange on three days in a week on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
In small camp we are screening 40-50 patients in each camp among them we find around 10-15 patient for cataract surgery. Costing of this small camps reach around Rs 4000-5000 . Patient are brought to the base hospital in hospital vehicle and they drop back to their home place on next day after operation.We are arranging around 90-100 such small camps in year.

We are arranging mega camp from November to March on every Sunday. In mega camp, we are screening around 500-600 patients among them we find around 70-80 patient for cataract surgery. We also provide Refractory Glasses to patient Either in Rs 30 or total free. Refractory Glasses are totally free of cost for school going children. Cost of this mega camp reach around Rs 35000-40000.
[6] Mother (Pregnant woman) & Child Health Project.

As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital while other deliveries are conducted at home by non medico person like untrained dian

Most of pregnant women never come to hospital for routine check up. Only 10 % pregnant women come to hospital for routine check up, sonography, laboratory investigation and for medicine while remaining pregnant women come with some complication like leaking of the amniotic fluid, bleeding, premature labor pain or feotal distress at last moment of the delivery. Most of women about 90-95% in these areas are severally anemic and under nourished.

Because of the poverty and illiteracy most of the pregnant women avoid to come hospital for routine check up. Because of this maternal and newborn mortality is very high here. That’s why we are thinking about a project which helps to solve these problems. In this project we will provide free consultation, free sonography, free laboratory investigation, free medicine like haematinic capsule, folic acid ,Calcium ,Protein powder and other drugs for pregnant women prescribed by gynecologist till 45 days after delivery. We are also thinking to provide a nutrition kit to mother and new horn babies.

By this project, we will able to bring at least 250-300 pregnant women to hospital for routing check up and delivery every month. And in such way, we can reduce maternal & child mortality rate.

Our hospital having full time gayncologigst and pediatrician. So we are able to reduce maternal mortality and infant mortality rate uo to 90 % in our hospital As per discussion with Gynecologist, Paediatrician, Pathologist and chemist if we examined and treat minimum 250 pregnant women every month then we need Rs.600/pregnant women means Rs.1,50,000/month means Rs.18,00,000/year.

With your financial help and support for Eye department we are able to running smoothly Eye Department. If you can provide financial help for mother and child health project then its great blessing for pregnant women and new born child of this rural backward and tribal areas

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