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As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital...

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We are the Managing Trustees of Shri Jalaram Arogaya Seva Trust managing a charitable multispecialty Trust hospital since Last 13 Years with Specialties like Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Ophthalmology department. This hospital has developed concept of high level of health care facilities in this area with free / Very low & affordable cost.

The Group of People including me started to do some mankind activities in this region. Being a doctor I preferred medical relief activities.

The Meghraj territory is rural as well as included in tribal area. Main sources of income are rain depended farming and labor. There is no development of any Industries In this area. There are two main problems for farming.

(1) The land is not so much fertile and it is hilly

(2) The water source is not available for irrigation

So Farming is totally depends on monsoon season only. The labor work in this area is also related with farming in the absence of any industries. The people are extremely neglected for their basic needs and their health. So many heart broken experience occurred in my day to day general practice, that person required hospital care services and being referred to secondary or tertiary centre, they were not able to get because of only financial problem. These types of episodes were shaken my brain and idea to open trust hospital arised.

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