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As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital...

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Shri jalaram arogya seva trust is one of the leading Ngo’s in Gujarat, contributing significantly towards health care services in the region. In the coming the current financial year we had set up an ambitious target for setting up a world class community health centre to provide quality health to the rural poor people of the mentioned areas.

Improve the health status of the rural population of north Gujarat
To establish, maintain, manage, promote, and conduct information services for the physical, moral, scientific, culture, economics, psychological and social development of the people.
Provide quality health services to the rural villages at affordable or free of charge
To reduce morbidity rate especially maternity and child morbidity rate.
Prevention of communicable diseases
Prevention and treatment of Eye diseases
To assist and help the people facing natural calamities like flood, famine, cyclone, earthquake, storm, accidents, epidemic etc and to  organize and cooperate to the people or organization for relief works.
To improve women for a just society.
To help disadvantaged people like exceptional, children, women, destitute, orphans, old aged people etc and work for their rehabilitation.
To encourage cooperation. Spirit, equity and removal of social evils.
To aim and work for fulfilling : “ health for all vision “

To help the downtrodden sections of society in raising their economic standard.

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