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As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital...

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Hospital Proposals

Sr No Budget Heads Total Cost in Rs.
A For Organizing various medical camps and health awareness camps, prevention and treatment  of Thalassemia and blindness 2,77,31,39,089.00
B1 Estimated construction cost of medical college & hostels (non-recurring expenditure) 75,73,95,000.00
B2 Estimated construction cost of medical departments (non-recurring expenditure) 96,00,00,000.00
B3 Equipping and furnishing medical college and hostels  and quarters 2,53,58,500.00
B4 Furnishing & equipping of medical units 2,07,11,400.00
C Setting up three satellite medical centers 28,80,00,000.00
D1 Estimated construction cost (non-recurring expenditure ) for setting up institutes for paramedics, and hotels(in the existing premises) 20,54,64,000.00
D2 Equipping and furnishing and medical institute for, paramedical courses in the existing  premises 5,27,26,250.00
E1 Recurring expenditure for medical college admn.cost for medical college 54,73,80,000.00
E2 2 admn.cost of super specialty departments, 54,79,20,000.00
F1 Launching of medical mobile project 19,42,00,000.00
F2 Corpus fund 100,00,00,000.00
Total 737,22,83,239.00
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