Mother & Child Health

As per our survey and government record in this area, every month about 425-450 deliveries occurs but only 225-250 deliveries occurs in various hospital...

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Our requirements

To Provide above health services free of cost / concessional Charge we required following things.

[1] Poor Patient Relief fund Rs. 50,00,000/- to 60,00,000/- App. Per Year.
As per Goverment of Gujarat’s Statestics Sabarkanta district has approximately 50% below poverty level population but Meghraj Taluka has more than 76% BPL populetion. The poor people are mostly search for their basic needs and they are neglected abount their health. It leads to mortality and morbidity. To reduce this situation we required more poor patient relief fund in hand to serve poor patients
[2] Shree Jalaram Annakshetra Rs. 8,00,000/-to 10,00,000/-App. Per Year.
We provide free food to all the Admitted patients and their one relative.
[3] For Expansion of Bed Capacity from 150 to 200 Rs. 40,00,000/-Approximatly.

At Present we are working with total 150 bed hospital which include all General word, ICU,& NICU beds. Now we are thinking of increase our hospital bed capacity op to 200 due high number of indoor poor patient.


We have faith & hope in you. Kindly feed up to continue our “Seva Yagna” by helping us in a economical way i.e. Poor patients relief fund, Expansion of Bed capacity and Jalaram Annakshetra

We Heartily Invite you to visit our Hospital. We ensure that your donation will surely be used for a right cause.
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